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Circa Survive rocking out at Newport

Only a month after finishing a headlining tour for its third album, “Blue Sky Noise,” Circa Survive is hitting the road again, making a stop in Columbus on Friday.

“I have confidence that (the tour) is probably going to be pretty awesome,” said Colin Frangicetto, the band’s rhythm guitarist. “We’re hitting a lot of spots that we haven’t in a while, so that always feels good.”

Originally from Philadelphia, Circa Survive jumped right into touring nationally, allowing the band to develop naturally, Frangicetto said.

“We always felt like it was difficult and frustrating to play locally over and over again trying to develop a following,” he said. “So we decided to do the opposite of that, and it worked in our favor.”

Although Philadelphia does have a “great music scene,” the band has enjoyed gaining acknowledgment over seas and around the U.S, Frangicetto said.

“Now it’s like every time we come to Philly it’s just like a hometown show,” he said.

The band originally signed with Equal Vision Records in 2004, but released its third album with Atlantic Records.

“The main reason we switched was because our contract was up,” Frangicetto said. “It was really just a decision of let’s have some new experiences, let’s work with some new people and let’s try to get our record in some places it hasn’t been yet.”

Other than gaining more international recognition, Frangicetto said there hasn’t been a major difference in the labels.

“For the most part it just feels like another group of really cool people that are passionate about music,” he said.  

Frangicetto said the band members’ variety in taste influences its final product.

“Everybody is into different stuff,” Frangicetto said. “So, we kind of just try to write music that feels good.”

During this tour the band will mostly be playing tracks from “Blue Sky Noise,” and its first album, “Juturna.”

“Blue Sky Noise” debuted on the Billboard Top 200 Charts at No. 11, outselling the band’s first two albums.

As to why that album brought better sales, Frangicetto said Circa Survive has built a fan base over the years, which has caused people to anticipate the release of its albums.

“It’s different when you’re in a band and nobody really knows (you),” said Frangicetto. “I feel like we’ve gotten to a place where (our music) has improved in numerous ways, and we’ve matured as musicians.”

Frangicetto said when the band plays to its fans, it feels like the same group of fans has multiplied over the years.

He compared its current tour to a religious ceremony.

“It was like every song pretty much felt like you were at a church, there were just all of these people singing every word to every song.”

Frangicetto said the band liked to vary its setlist.

“Some days a certain song can be really fun, and certain days it can be a total pain in the a–, so it’s different all of the time,” Frangicetto said. “I just try to enjoy the entire set.”

The band is touring with Anberlin, and Foxy Shazam is the opening act.

“The bands that we’re out with are really talented,” he said. “I’m pretty excited.”

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