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Foul odors, flooding shut down Fresh Express

Eric Beiersdorfer / Lantern Photographer

Plumbing issues, foul odors and potential health issues plagued Fresh Express Thursday, causing the facility to shut down.

Fresh Express at North Commons closed at about 2:30 p.m., said Deanna Park, assistant director of Dining Services.

“It could be that pipes are old and full of dirt, someone could have flushed something they shouldn’t have, sometimes pipes are too small,” Park said. “Sometimes these things just happen.”

Park said there was some minor flooding.

“It smells pretty foul, and we just want to make sure no one slips and falls,” Park said.

The maintenance department has hired a private contractor to fix the problem, Park said. The cause of the backup is unknown.

Park said while she awaits the contractor’s arrival to re-open Fresh Express, other North Commons dining options are and will remain operating regularly.

“The traditional dining hall (North Commons) will still be open, and we expect Burritos (Noches) to open at its regular time,” Park said.

Despite this, students are still annoyed at the inconvenience of Fresh Express’ closing.

“It’s just a little frustrating to not have any lunch options besides the commons,” said Sam Carter, a second-year in actuarial sciences.

Bridget Wojciak, a second-year in medical dietetics, lives in Drackett Tower and said “it’s a long walk to get to-go dining that’s not Fresh Express.”

Cody Wilcox, a second-year in construction systems management, was also looking for take-out, and said now he didn’t have time to eat.

“I have class in 20 minutes, and I needed something quick,” Wilcox said. 

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