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Burglary suspect targeting women caught

Columbus police arrested a man after an attempted burglary Friday near campus that could be connected to many break-ins in the area, according to a Columbus Police Department report.

Police apprehended Kip Klages at about 6:15 a.m. Friday after he allegedly attempted to enter an apartment at 105 E. Norwich Ave., the report said.

This is not Klages first arrest. He has previously been convicted of felonious assault and kidnapping in Fairfield County, according to a Fairfield County Clerk of Courts record.

Camryn Robinson, a third-year in speech and hearing sciences and resident of the apartment owned by Inn-Town Homes, said it was not the first time someone had been there.

Robinson said the same man entered the apartment on two previous occasions in the past month, using a key. Each time the man fled — locking the door behind him — after waking one of Robinson’s four roommates.

“We didn’t want to believe it,” Robinson said. “We thought maybe it was a dream.”

Robinson said no one was harmed and nothing was stolen, but the women were shaken.

“It was really scary knowing that he could get into our apartment,” Robinson said.

Though the women changed their lock, the burglar remained persistent.

“He kept coming back even though he couldn’t get in,” she said.

When the man tried to enter the home Friday morning, Robinson said he was unable to use his key and left.

The Columbus Dispatch reported undercover police officers in the area stopped Klages close by and the residents identified him. Police later found a master key on his key ring.

Repeated requests for comment from Columbus police Detective Brian Lacy Saturday and Sunday were unanswered.

Lacy told the Dispatch that over the past two months a burglar has used a master key to break into the homes, located off campus between 12th and 18th avenues and on Norwich and Oakland avenues. He also said police have reason to believe Klages could be connected to about 20 burglaries after searching his room in a Motel One at 3190 E. Main St., where he lives.

Klages, charged with burglary and possession of criminal tools, appeared in the Franklin County Municipal Court Saturday where his bail was set at $30,085.

He has a preliminary hearing on Feb. 18, when a judge will determine if there is enough information to send his case to the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, said a deputy clerk.

Klages will remain in jail unless he is able to post bail, the clerk said.

“I feel a lot safer because this guy’s off the streets,” Robinson said. “I’m just glad that we caught him, because he can’t terrorize any people anymore.” 

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