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Greta Christina speaks about atheism, sexuality on OSU campus

Students for Freethought hosted speaker Greta Christina, a freelance writer and atheist LGBTQ blogger, at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Hitchcock Hall.

Christina is not unheard of among atheist students at OSU.

“I have been reading Greta’s blog; her blog has had a great influence on my life. The talk gave me a sense of her own personal enthusiasm and critical thinking,” said Liz Moody, a second-year in international studies.

Students for Freethought is a nontheistic student group at OSU that promotes rational thinking about reality and a haven for the nonreligious, atheistic or agnostic, according to the Students for Freethought website.

The organization focuses on clarifying the nonreligious point of view, while maintaining tolerance for all beliefs, said Nick Stancato, the vice president of Students for Freethought, and a fourth-year in history.

Christina’s talk focused on her views of sexuality.

“Since sexuality is normally seen through a religious lens, it is important to see it through a different manner,” Stancato said.

Christina said there are three points that young people should consider when viewing sexuality through an atheistic viewpoint.

“First, religion is not necessary to have sexual morality. Similarly, you don’t need religious framework for strong ethics. Finally, one can experience sexual transcendence as purely physical nonspiritual transcendence,” she said.

Christina discussed alternative methods to address sexual taboos, sexual guilt, homosexuality in society and sex within personal lives.

“If we don’t believe that God is peeking through our windows and taking notes, what then do we base our morality on?” Christina said. “Consent honesty, fairness and harm are questions atheists must ask, instead of wondering if God approves.”

For the second part of the talk Christina rejected spiritualism as a true reality-based view of sex.

“When you only believe in this short life. Sex is almost a moral obligation. As long as we do not negatively affect the people around us, we should appreciate sex and the joy it brings,” Christina said. “Sex can be viewed simply as an act between animals and something that links us infinitely. “

She received a standing ovation from the audience of about 65 people.

The Secular Student Alliance organized the speaking tour for Christina across Ohio and Iowa, which included Ohio State. The organization along with the Ohio Union sponsored the event.

“The event went really well, I’m really pleased with the turnout.” said Jeff Skinner, events coordinator for Students for Freethought and a third-year in international studies.

Nearly all attendees stayed for a half-hour Q and A session, followed by more applause.

Students for Freethought members, Secular Student Alliance members, tag-alongs and Christina went out to Gooeyz for dinner and continued discussions. 

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