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Honoraries look beyond GPA for members

The search for scholarship, leadership and service is on as the clock ticks down for applications to become part of a class honorary at Ohio State.

Class honoraries are selective student organizations led by students in that class, sophomore to senior. Students become members through an application process that varies by group.

But class honoraries are about more than having a good grade point average, said Steve Winick, a second-year in accounting and finance and president of Romophos, a sophomore class honorary.

“By joining an honorary, you’ll meet kids from all different majors, from all across campus … (who) have a passion for service, leadership and scholarship,” Winick said. “The leadership and service make up the core of what we do.”

Each class honorary is involved with community service projects, through which students often volunteer or raise money for non-profit organizations.

“So much of (the experience) is the sense of community you gain from it,” said Elizabeth Mundy, a third-year in international studies and vice president of Bucket and Dipper, a junior class honorary.

Students also hold offices within the organization, giving early leadership experience that first- and second-years might have trouble getting in other student organizations, said Nicholas McMurray, president of the Association of Ohio State Class Honoraries and a fourth-year in materials science and engineering.

Though there are multiple class honoraries representing each class, seven in all, and students can apply to only one each year. McMurray said interested students should make that choice based on which honorary fits them best.

Applications for class honoraries are due Feb. 11. Students should apply to an honorary associated with their rank for the 2011-12 school year.


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