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Switch to semesters provides affected students nothing but confusion

As Spring Quarter scheduling began a few weeks ago, I realized that there are many decisions to be made. What should I take? Are all my prerequisites finished? What classes do I need to take now, before the switch to semesters? Even as a freshman, I’m feeling the pressure to be capable of answering all of these questions.

Ohio State has chosen to join a great number of universities in the country and operate on a semesters schedule. Although this idea is superb, and will overall better the school system, the transition has proven to be difficult. All the kinks are still in process, and the confusion remains.

We are told day after day that the switch from quarters to semesters will not have any major effects on our plans; all major requirements should take the same amount of time; it won’t affect graduation dates; all credit requirements will be altered based on the classes.

Despite this, it doesn’t seem so simple.

Switching to semesters means rather than having two midterms and one final in 10 weeks, we will have a few tests in a course lasting four to five months. This means each exam will cover more material. Not only this, but rather than only taking three to four classes per quarter, we will be taking five to six classes per semester.

With the chaos regarding major requirements and finalizing dates for semesters, these minor details have been forgotten. Switching to semesters will not only alter what requirements we need to graduate, but it will greatly affect our workload on a daily basis. I appreciate that OSU is trying to create positive long-term effects, however I’m not sure if this method is the best.

Those of us stuck in the middle will be forced to adjust from what we’re already getting used to — quarters — to something completely new. There has to be an easier way.      

The semester schedule should be in effect beginning with one incoming class, and every class after. Those in the middle should be given the opportunity to maintain a procedure that we’ve already learned.

But as this is not the case, it’s important that we prepare ourselves.

So as you schedule for Spring Quarter, consider what classes you’d like to get done before the switch to semesters. And prepare yourself for what is to come; whether you believe it is better or worse, it will definitely be different.

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