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Britney disappoints with weak lyrics, dance beats

After weeks of teasers and clips of new songs, Britney Spears has finally released her seventh studio album, “Femme Fatale,” and it might as well be an instrumental work for executive producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin. The mixture of dubstep-influenced beats and catchy dance breaks left almost no room for Spears’ soft, kitten-like voice.

“Femme Fatale” opens with its second single, “Till the World Ends,” which previews an explosive dance theme prevalent throughout the entire album. It sounds more like the usual Spears than the first single, “Hold It Against Me,” which was criticized for its weak lyrical content by Billboard Magazine.

Although most of the lyrics sound like they could’ve been co-written by Rebecca Black, they’re still catchy.

This effort is, without a doubt, a dance record with no ballads or slowing down of any kind, save for “Inside Out,” a sultry, R&B-flavored song, and “Trip To Your Heart,” a breathy, fairytale-esque number.

The more powerful songs include, “Criminal” and “(Drop Dead) Beautiful” featuring unknown artist, Sabi. “Seal It With a Kiss” has an irresistible beat with overall better lyrics.

However, an album is only as strong as its weakest song and they are numerous. “How I Roll” and “I Wanna Go” blend together in an electronic haze that’s hard to shake.

Will.i.am‘s efforts on “Big Fat Bass” sound exactly what the title of the song promised: a whole lot of bass and very little musical prowess.

The deluxe version contains four more songs. Combined, these deluxe songs are better than the overall album.

This latest record points to a singer who has completely given up her spark and is only doing this to please her fans.

The Spears of the “Blackout” era, the one that buzzed her head and beat up cars with umbrellas, is gone and has been replaced by Jive’s new and auto-tuned version.

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