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Exhibit to showcase work of Scholars

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Celeste

Members of the Ohio State Scholars Program will showcase their work at the OSU Urban Arts Space this week, but despite the venue’s name, not everyone will be showcasing art.

The 14 different Scholars Communities at OSU will be represented at the OSU Urban Arts Space from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday. Exhibitions will range from prints and paintings presented by arts scholars and alternative energy vehicles created by engineering scholars, to audio, video and sound techniques practiced by media, marketing and communication scholars.

The All Scholars Showcase event will succeed the event titled, “Perpetuating the Senses: 2011 Arts Scholars Juried Exhibition.” This is an annual exhibition showcasing the work of arts scholars students. These students are disciplined in a wide array of majors, but they all share an affinity for the arts, said Leigh Lotocki, communications coordinator of the OSU Urban Arts Space.

The showcase is a part of the strategic plan initiated by administrators of the Scholars Program.

“People know what the Scholars Program is, but the question that frequently comes up is ‘What do Scholars do?'” said Garett Heysel, senior associate director for the Scholars Program.

The aims of this exhibit is to answer that question.

Another goal of the Scholars Program is to expand on this event.

“The department is excited to be hosting this inaugural event between the Scholars department and the OSU Urban Arts Space.  We hope to make it an annual event,” said Julie Humbel, program manager of the University Honors and Scholars Center.     

The administration of the Scholars Program and the directors of the OSU Urban Arts Space have cooperated in bringing together intellectually motivated students in fields where they have concentrations or interests and displaying their efforts to the OSU and greater Columbus area.

“I think it is both exciting and important to bring students from all of the scholars communities together; to celebrate research across many disciplines and for students and the public to see the positive impact the Scholars Program has on campus and in the community. We are excited to host the All Scholars Showcase downtown at the OSU Urban Arts Space, at a kind of ‘bridge’ venue between the OSU campus and the community,” Lotocki said. 

The Scholars Program was introduced to OSU in 1999 with the induction of the Mount Leadership Society, the first scholars program available on the Columbus campus. The program blossomed and several more were created in its footsteps.

Now there are approximately 3,850 members in the 14 Scholars Programs. The campus communities that house scholars programs can only be applied to by incoming freshmen.

“The program is becoming increasingly popular, with a 14 percent rise in applications this academic year, and many of the programs are at capacity,” Heysel said. 

OSU Urban Arts Space was unable to provide The Lantern with a list of students participating in the event.

The event is open to the OSU and greater Columbus community. CABS busses will be shuttling from campus to the OSU Urban Arts Space which is located in downtown Columbus at 50 W. Town St. 

The Arts Scholars will be performing a dance exhibit and live music. 

More information can be found at the OSU Urban Arts Space website at www.uas.osu.edu.

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