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Friday Fashion: Dressing for April showers

This year, April showers are bringing a lot more than just May flowers. Spring 2011 lines are full of great rainy day wear that you might even want to take out in the sunshine with you.

A trench is my go-to warm weather jacket. It’s light, water-resistant and can be paired with absolutely any outfit to make it look incredibly chic. Wear it with jeans on the weekend for a casual look or pair it with a sundress for a more elegant silhouette. Trenches can be worn around campus or to a formal event.

When buying a trench look for three things: color, shape and length. If you plan on wearing it with neutral colors and avoiding patterned material, you might want to purchase this jacket in a bright color. As you button and belt it you should be able to find your figure beneath the fabric — trenches are not meant to make you look boxy. Finally, think about how often you will wear it. If you plan on using it every day you might consider a hip-length coat. However, if you only mean to use it for formal occasions, a calf-length coat is more appropriate.

Umbrellas come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Some are more practical than others, but here at Ohio State, I highly recommend investing in a sturdy one that can stand up to the intense wind. The retro “bubble” umbrellas are perfect for the Ohio weather because they will protect your entire upper body from the sheets of rain that would find their way under something more standard.

However, traditional umbrellas come in all colors and patterns and are perfectly functional for a light rain. For spring 2011, I recommend looking for pastel colors or floral patterns. Plastic umbrellas are also great because they are more water-resistant, but they don’t fit in a purse or backpack.

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest investing in a pair of rain boots. Every college student should own a pair — guys included. These can be worn throughout the entire year and come in handy through the wintertime slush. In spring, pair these boots with skinny jeans, leggings, sundresses or shorts. They are also the perfect place to store your umbrellas because the umbrella will help the boot keep its shape.

Rain boots are meant to be a playful element of an outfit so experiment with patterns and colors until you find a pair that suits your personality. Colors range from neon pink to metallic gold, and of course you have your classic yellow. You can also find rain boots in many designer patterns like Coach and Burberry or in basic polka dot or floral patterns as well.

Rainy days shouldn’t be spent in sweats just because we all feel too lazy to roll out of bed. Use the rain as an excuse to wear things that you normally don’t use on a sunny day. Who knows, you might just feel like singing in the rain.


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