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High-rolling Khalifa goes big with third album

Wiz Khalifa continues the success of his song “Black and Yellow” on his new album “Rolling Papers.” The album features smooth beats under lines about alcohol, girls, parties and, of course, drugs. 

The songs on this album are not the party-raging type of tracks that many associate with pop-rap mixes.

The songs on “Rolling Papers” are good for those who want to chill out with some friends, or alone, and maybe partake in the activities Khalifa is rapping about.

“On My Level,” which features Too $hort, talks about the perfect balance of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Lines like “I be going hard, roll the camera / Life just like a movie, I’m the star / Wish you was in my position” are something party-loving college students should have no problem relating to.

Like “On My Level” and “Black and Yellow,” the hooks for the lines of each song on the album are creative and intriguing, making people want to keep listening to hear what Khalifa is going to say next.

And, unlike many rap songs today, the beats in the tracks on this album are just as creative as the lyrics put over them.  

“No Sleep,” which is currently the No. 1 song on iTunes, starts slow, but goes quickly into lines about the party lifestyle. The mellow beat and easy flow of the lyrics are easy to listen to and evoke a chill, happy vibe for listeners.

Although the album is good overall, the track “Fly Solo” is worth skipping over. The beat is a little too slow and the lyrics just don’t hold listeners the way they do in the other tracks on the album.

“Rolling Papers” is definitely worth going out and getting. With great beats and lyrics, Khalifa’s new album has the potential to become the must-have music of the year.

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