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OSU students in ‘bad romance’ with Lady Gaga tickets

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Lady Gaga is not sold out despite the expectations of monster lines to see the fame in flesh.

Tickets went on sale at the Ohio Union information center Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Gaga is scheduled to perform at the Schottenstein Center March 10 at 8 p.m. for her Monster Ball Tour with special guests, the Scissor Sisters.

D-Tix sent an e-mail to students on its listserv and posted on its website Monday that Gaga tickets would be limited to one per BuckID instead of two as originally planned.

Serena Jezior, Union information center employee and second-year in accounting, said a few students were waiting in line for the ticket release when she arrived to work at 7 a.m. Tuesday, when the Union opened. When her shift ended at 11 a.m., the line extended to about 20 people, she said.

The Union had 300 tickets available when they went on sale. D-Tix received a 50 percent discount per ticket from Ticketmaster, Jezior said.

“Students were probably intimidated because everyone wants to see Gaga and didn’t want to stand in line,” said Krysten Bonacci, Ohio Union information center employee and a third-year in Spanish and sociology.

Brennen Yaquinto, a first-year in exploration, said he was going to arrive at 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday to wait in line all day, but thought the line would have been too long since students could only get one ticket instead of two.

“Some people probably just couldn’t dedicate the time to wait,” Jezior said.

Katie Tumblin, D-Tix coordinator, was unavailable to comment.

Gaga tickets available from D-Tix cost $70 and are for seating on levels two and three on the north side of the Schott, in front of the stage.

Yeshua Tolle, a first-year in English and comparative studies, said he wouldn’t pay $70 to see the pop icon and thought $50 to $55 was more reasonable. Toll said he was “a little surprised” tickets were left and said he thought people were intimidated by the price.

Jacqueline Miller, a fourth-year in hospitality management, disagreed.

“$70 is definitely a good price,” Miller said. “I don’t want to pass it up.”

Tickets are still available online at Ticketmaster. The cheapest tickets cost $62.35, including convenience charges, and are on the third level on the west side of the stage. The best available tickets cost $195.60 each, including convenience charges, and are on the first level of the Schott, in front of the stage. General admission (floor seating) is sold out.

The special events supervisor at the Schott was unavailable to comment on the rate of online ticket sales the day tickets were released on Ticketmaster.

“I have been looking up these tickets online for a while,” Yaquinto said, adding that the D-tix price is better compared to the online price because surcharges don’t apply.

About 50 tickets were still available Wednesday at 5:30 p.m, Jezior said.

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