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Band says ‘uh huh’ to singing again

Photo courtesy of Bari Lieberman

Uh Huh Her had a lot. They produced a hit album. They toured. They were living the music industry dream. And then they were dropped from their label.

Uh Huh Her was back at square one, but it’s not over until the pop duo sings … again.

Named after a PJ Harvey album of the same title, Uh Huh Her is comprised of band members Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey. The duo will bring its rock-infused electronic pop music to The Basement tonight at 7 p.m. in anticipation of their latest, self-funded album release, “Nocturnes.”

“We put all the passion and all the s— we’d been going through into this record,” Grey said. “It’s definitely something we’re really proud of because we put our hearts and souls into it and we did it on our own.”

Released last month, the band’s newest EP, “Black and Blue,” was tailored specifically for this tour, Grey said.

“We did (the EP) all on our own. It was written, produced and then created in a week and a half. It was a last-minute thing that we wanted to do,” Grey said. “We wanted to do something a little more up-tempo, a little more dance-driven for the tour.”

The band plans to play “Black and Blue” in its entirety, as well as songs from “Nocturnes” and its first album, “Common Reaction.”

“Nocturnes” is slated to be released sometime this summer, Grey said.

“We spent the better half of a year writing and recording and making it,” Grey said. “We know the fans have been waiting quite a while.”

Their first full album without the financial backing of a record label, “Nocturnes” is a very personal project, Grey said.

“Because we took so much time with it, ‘Nocturnes’ is very organic, with live drums and live trumpets,” Grey said. “It’s very lush, thought-out stuff.”

Because there has been such a gap between albums, fans of the band are looking forward to hearing the group’s new sound.

“They make subdued but very melodic music, and that appeals to me,” said Neilsa Dutken, a third-year in accounting and finance who is attending the show. “I’m looking forward to hearing the changes they make with their next album.”

With ethereal vocals and driving beats, Uh Huh Her’s music sets it apart from similar groups, said Erica McInnis, a third-year in sociology and sexuality studies planning to attend the concert.

“I think their sound is quite different from other girl groups that I listen to,” McInnis said. “They have this electropop sound that’s fun and sexy.”

Aside from her involvement in Uh Huh Her, Hailey also starred on the television show “The L Word,” and some of the band’s fans are also familiar with her acting work, Grey said.

“When I was younger, I had listened to Hailey’s band The Murmurs, but I became particularly interested in her music after her involvement with ‘The L Word,'” Dutken said.

While she appreciates their fans and is happy that people are eager to go to their concerts, Grey said she wants people to come for the music, not just to see the television actress.

“I play music. It’s always what I’ve done,” Grey said. “I hope that if people come (because they’re fans of “The L Word”) that they leave a fan of the music and of the band.”

Tickets for the show are available at www.promowestlive.com.

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