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Commentary: Lantern staff weighs in on Lollapalooza lineup

Photo courtesy of Lollapalooza

Ryan Book

The inevitable issue with Lollapalooza is the conflict of schedules between multiple bands you want to see, especially at the headliner level. This year features a so-called “fourth” set of headliners, which will most likely convolute things even more. My advice: Go with the act that is less likely to come back around. The current lineup has me worried that Eminem and Muse will square off, though Eminem is the better choice, because he has scaled back his touring as of late, whereas Muse gets around.

Here are two that I have set in stone from the “big eight” acts: I will be seeing A Perfect Circle and I will not be seeing Deadmau5. The former, although appearing at this year’s Rock on The Range in Columbus, was very consistent in its heyday. Deadmau5, despite reportedly having an amazing light show, is one of the most boring artists on the electronic scene, even if he is popular. I’d rather see smaller, more interesting artists like The Chemical Brothers or Juno Reactor.

Hip-hop wins the award for best-represented genre this year. Eminem, Kid Cudi and Atmosphere (which just sold out the Newport) will all be there. Cee Lo Green will also be in attendance, and he’ll be willing to please after getting blasted by critics for his tardiness at Coachella.

My sleeper pick is The Kills. They were my band of the year in 2008. Check them out.

My best advice for anyone attending Lollapalooza is not to sleep in just because the bands you’ve heard of aren’t going on until 4 p.m. Festivals like this offer a great opportunity to check out something you’d never see otherwise. Last year I found The Soft Pack and I can’t wait to find more new music this year.

Jami Jurich

Being from Chicago, I’ve spent a few weekends with Lollapalooza in the past, and with this being the festival’s 20th anniversary, this year will be no exception. I’ve always had a weird thing for Dave Grohl, so when Foo Fighters were confirmed as a Lollapalooza headliner back in February, I was stoked to see the rest of the lineup for my hometown’s most famous music festival. Throw in Eminem and Muse, and they had hit the trifecta. Before any of the other performers was even announced, I had shelled out the $215 for three-day passes amidst rumors that Coldplay and Adele might also be in attendance.

When the lineup was announced this week, I was thrilled to see that I’d be getting my money’s worth. While the Adele rumor unfortunately turned out to be nothing more than talk, Coldplay was added to the list of headliners. Cee Lo Green was another promising name on the set after Gnarls Barkley’s 2006 Lolla performance.

Arctic Monkeys, The Cars, and Ratatat are other names I’m looking forward to blocking off my schedule.

I did shake my head a little when I found out The Pretty Reckless had been given a time slot because the thought of Taylor Momsen (the whack actress who plays that brat Jenny in “Gossip Girl”) bringing her ridiculous antics to my city was enough to make me sick. Luckily for me, there are plenty of other fabulous bands to save me.

While I was disappointed that Death Cab for Cutie and Wilco will not be performing, this year’s lineup is spectacular. My only hope is I don’t have to decide between any of the headliners’ sets.

Ally Marotti

Just past midnight Tuesday morning, Lollapalooza confirmed the money I spent on a three-day pass will be the best $215 I’ve ever shelled out.

I’m a Lollapalooza virgin, but rumors of Coldplay as a headliner pressured me to take the plunge and buy a ticket about a month ago. At that point, Eminem, Muse and Foo Fighters were confirmed as headliners, and I reasoned with myself that seeing at least those three would be worth the cash.

When I received a call Tuesday morning telling me Coldplay had been confirmed, I couldn’t hold back a scream, and I don’t scream often.

I’ve seen Coldplay live twice and Muse once. Each show was epic, but not as epic as this year’s Lolla line-up. Two Door Cinema Club, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Arctic Monkeys, OK Go and Christina Perri are just a few names that I am most excited about seeing.

The line-up could only get better if Adele and/or Death Cab for Cutie showed up, rumors that I was disappointed to discover weren’t true.

But the notion of seeing the headliners wipes away the disappointment. I never used to like Eminem. I thought he was trashy until last summer,when I developed an obsession with “Love the Way You Lie.”

Essentially, if for some reason I had to choose between seeing Eminem and Muse, I think my head might explode trying to make that decision. Regardless, the fact that I will get to be reunited with Coldplay promises to make these the potentially most magical three days of my life.

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