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Friday Fashion: Kick it right this spring

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This spring is all about expanding your shoe collection. You’ll need everything from boots to rubber flip-flops to high heels.

Boots might seem a little strange for springtime, but with skinny jeans and a sweet tank top you’re ready for any sunny day. Make sure that the boots are made of leather or some kind of cotton material. Try to avoid fabrics like suede or anything furry that will remind you of snow or Eskimos. Think country chic. Brown leather boots look very Americana and can be worn with dresses, skirts, shorts or jeans. Black leather boots tend to give off a much more chic and formal vibe and should be paired with leggings or skinny jeans.

Boat shoes are also a great investment for spring. Sperry Top-Siders are perfect but pricey. You can find fairly inexpensive brands at Bakers and Payless. These come in all different shapes and colors, so feel free to find the style that fits you best. If your look is more classic, go with basic brown. For something edgier or different, look for shoes with glitter or tie-dye. Boat shoes look great with flare jeans, cropped pants or shorts.   

This spring, break out your gladiator sandals. I recommend having more than one pair. They are fairly inexpensive and last for multiple seasons. You should try to find both a black and brown pair. Make sure you have at least one formal and one casual pair in your closet.

The type of sandal you choose will be determined by your outfit. A fairly basic look, like a T-shirt and jeans, can be paired with fringed or jeweled sandals. Your formal pair of sandals should be simpler. Shoes that are all leather and have a T-strap are great for these occasions.

When it comes to high heels, it’s all about the ‘70s. Wedges and chunky heels are everywhere this year. Wedges can be made of wood, rope or hemp. They come in a variety of styles and heel heights. The great thing about wedges is that they are significantly easier to walk in than stilettos.

Chunky heels should be made of wood. The heel height might seem extremely high at first, but don’t forget that these shoes usually feature a one-inch platform at the ball of the foot. The bigger heel will also make it easier for you to walk without wobbling. If you’re planning on having a long night and you need to be taller, wedges or bigger heels are definitely the way to go.

Keep in mind, these heels can be worn with any style jeans, as well as dresses, skirts or shorts. They’re extremely versatile and chances are you’ll be keeping them handy throughout the summer months and maybe into fall.

When shoe shopping, make sure you buy shoes that fit, otherwise you’ll never end up wearing them. Also, look for neutral colors that will compliment a majority of the clothes in your wardrobe. Finally, don’t be afraid to spend money on shoes. Typically, you’ll get what you pay for.

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