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Friday Fashion: Picking the right shorts for spring

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Now that temperatures will be reaching 70 degrees and the weather is sunny, it’s finally time to break out the shorts. This spring add some color, pattern and volume to your wardrobe with bottoms that flatter you in all the right places.

Feel like a kid again with bright colors. These shorts can be any shade and length, but please, no neon spandex. Look for basics: red, blue, yellow or green. You can find them in all shades and should choose pairs based on which colors work with your skin tone. For example, if you have peach undertones, try blue or green shorts to make your legs look tan. Those of you with olive skin should look for pinks and reds to contrast your cool undertones.

Prints are all over the place this season and shorts are no exception. Stripes, florals, abstracts and everything in between is acceptable. Be aware that wearing printed shorts with a printed top is a challenge.

The patterns should balance each other out or complement each other in some way, whether it’s through color, size or shape. For example, you can pair striped pants with a polka dot shirt if the polka dots are bigger and the stripes are narrow. If you’re not that daring, feel free to wear a solid T-shirt or tank top with the shorts.

Flattering denim shorts are almost impossible to find. Here are some guidelines to help you out. First, make sure the inseam is long enough. The shorts should cover everything comfortably when you sit down as well as while you’re standing. Second, you want some wiggle room.

Denim shorts do not fit like a pair of jeans – the tighter they are, the less flattering they become. Finally, make sure you feel comfortable in them. If you don’t think they look good, you’ll never wear them.

Cuffed shorts are a great option for that summer internship. Made of the right material, they can look as dressy or as casual as you want. For a more formal setting, opt for longer shorts that are made of linen or have pleats. Pair them with a cardigan or collared shirt and ballet flats or gladiator sandals. If you want something more casual, choose cotton or denim material. Wear these with boat shoes or Keds sneakers and a printed T-shirt or tank top.

Sailor shorts are another option if you’re not a fan of low-rise waists. These have waistlines that sit right above your bellybutton and come in all sorts of colors. I highly recommend pairing them with a solid or striped shirt to achieve the nautical look that is perfect for the springtime.

Remember, shopping for shorts does not need to be stressful. Just keep in mind all of the options you have and know that whether you’re hanging on the Oval with friends or going to work, you can find a pair to suit your needs.

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