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Nick Swardson show canceled

Comedian Nick Swardson will no longer be performing on campus for his OUAB comedy show originally scheduled for May 2.

Known for his recurring role as Terry Bernardino in the now-canceled Comedy Central series “Reno 911!,” Swardson’s new Comedy Central show “Pretend Time” was picked up for a new season. The show’s production would directly conflict with the OUAB show, said Lauren Boyd, Marketing Chair for OUAB, in an email.

This is an issue that often comes with securing big-named talent, said Fontine Baptiste, Comedy Chair for OUAB.

“The entertainment world moves very fast and in this case, Nick Swardson’s spring schedule has changed and our date lies in the middle of a very busy two weeks for him,” Baptiste said in an email. “We are actually the third college date that he has had to cancel for this spring season.”

Swardson canceled an appearance at Tufts University Thursday and at Central Michigan University, scheduled for Saturday, as well.

OUAB first made the announcement of the show’s cancellation on Thursday morning on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Baptiste said the organization is aware that students may be unhappy with the cancellation, but is glad it happened before the tickets were released on April 13.

“Fortunately, the ticket release wasn’t scheduled until next week, so I am relieved that students didn’t spend their time in vain trying to get a ticket,” Baptiste said.

Stephen Collins, a fourth-year in mechanical engineering, has previously seen Swardson’s show and said he is disappointed this event is canceled.

“I didn’t know about it but I definitely would’ve gone,” Collins said.

Swardson is also known for his roles in “Grandma’s Boy” and “Blades of Glory.” He most recently starred in the newest Adam Sandler film, “Just Go With It.”

“We are very bummed, but it is just a part of the process and we have to accept it and move on,” Baptiste said.

Baptiste did not comment on whether there will be a replacement performance.


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