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Nothing beats the experience of living on campus

I have three roommates.

Most people in my dorm have three roommates except for a few second-years who only have to share their space with one other person.

At about 10 a.m. on Monday of the first week of my first Spring Quarter here at Ohio State, I was sitting in my room killing time when I heard one of my three roommate’s alarm sound to wake him up.

It was not really until this moment that I realized how much living with someone who operates on a totally different schedule has taught me. Sure, I have lived with my roommates for two quarters now, but this was the first time we have all had entirely opposite schedules.

They say college is a learning experience in many different aspects of your life. I now know that to be true. I still remember the day my parents dropped me off last fall when my father told me I was going to come across many instances in my first year that would teach me valuable lessons, such as having patience. I’ll admit, I was not entirely sure what he was talking about and sort of blew it off as I said my goodbyes and began college life.

Sure, I knew I was going to meet a lot of people (I mean come on, we go to a university with about 50,000 students), but I was content and looking forward to spending time with my 15 high school classmates who joined me at OSU.

It is difficult for me to admit, but my dad was right: It is staggering how much I have grasped not only from those who work at this university but also those I meet each and every day.

I believe every person should live on campus their freshman year because I feel I would not have had as much fun this year or learned as much if I had not.

Living on campus almost forces you to become close with those who not only live on your floor but others in your dorm as well. The events and incidents I have witnessed as a freshman would be impossible to replicate if I lived off campus.

For instance, I will never forget the Saturday when the OSU men’s basketball team was playing against that team up north for a chance to play in the Big Ten Tournament championship game the next day.

The game was going down to the wire when all of a sudden the dorm’s fire alarm went off, causing everyone to go outside in the rain and miss the end of the game for a fire drill.

No one was happy about it (naturally), but at least the Buckeyes pulled out the victory. I know for a fact that would never happen if I lived at home and not on campus.

Sure, living at home has its perks, such as sleeping in your own bed, getting home-cooked meals anytime you want them (which we all know we miss) and the financial aspect of saving money is always a plus. As nice and convenient as all of those things are, it is quite a task to duplicate the escapades that occur while being a resident in a campus dorm.

Some of us live with someone who is of a different race. Others have roommates who do not speak our native language. And many live with those who practice a different religion.

I have dealt with everything from learning to sleep with four alarm clocks set to go off at a different time to wondering why one of my roommates waits until 3 a.m. to start his homework. What took me some time to realize is that my roommates had to adjust to these things just as I did.

People are different. What makes us the same is the fact that living on-campus teaches us to adapt to a wide range of personalities, religions, lifestyles, life.

That is the college experience I was looking for, no matter what time the alarm clock goes off.

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