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Spring is around the corner … hopefully

I am often guilty of equating Spring Quarter with spring weather, or at least my definition of what it should be.

Of course that definition is heavily influenced by what comes before it. After surviving yet another dreadful and dreary winter, I am programmed to believe that spring will be far better from day one, as if one week of separation between the two quarters is enough buffer to transition from miserable to beautiful.

That is likely because my fondest memories of past Spring Quarters involve heat and sunlight. Thus far, however, truly beautiful weather has been limited to a few disconnected days scattered throughout the calendar. It almost seems like one warm, sunny day is contractually obligated to yield three that are cold and wet. Some have even reached the extremes, resulting in flooding and devastating tornadoes.

But now as we are about to conclude the month of April and head into May, I think it is time we expect some positive changes to our weather. I have jumped the gun in the past, moving shorts to a more prominent spot in my closet, only to be slammed by high winds and freezing rain the following day.

Nevertheless, I am eagerly looking forward to the kind of weather that makes for long-lasting memories. Long pants and boots become shorts and flip-flops. The sun beats down, and the Oval patrons tip their caps and lounge for days.

Less attention is devoted to schoolwork and more is given to activities such as barbecue, cornhole and outdoor drinking, much to the chagrin of professors and parents alike.

High Street fully retains its nightlife and consistent flow of foot traffic. Places that incorporate the outdoors, such as Little Bar and O’Patio, become heavily populated. Students again utilize the “Out” in Out-R-Inn.

People who are sun-friendly enjoy darker shades of skin, while the unlucky ones turn into human radishes.

Going to Columbus Clippers games seems like less of a time commitment and something that just ought to be done. There is almost no excuse not to.

It is not uncommon to take the long way home from class. Breezes no longer chill to the bone but instead are welcomed at every turn. Joggers and bikers again take to the sidewalks.

Dogs take their owners out to play, a sight that always cheers me up. Windows are opened and blankets are folded and stashed away. The smell of grilling saturates the air and immediately makes anyone within nose-range hungry. There is an evident lift in spirit and energy all across campus.

These are the moments, events and activities that create memorable Spring Quarters. And all of these things are right around the corner. I can feel it.

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