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Victims escape bus, car collision without injury

A bus and a car collided on the corner of College Road and Hagerty Drive, damaging the car and a Campus Area Bus Services sign at about 11 p.m. Thursday.

No one was injured in the accident.

Columbus State Community College student Yukyee Chan, 19, was alone in her car and was stopped at a stop sign heading east on Hagerty. As Chan turned south onto College Road, the southbound CABS bus slammed into the driver’s side of Chan’s car, police said.

Chan will be cited with failure to yield, according to reports.

The car was damaged on the wheel well on the driver’s side and required a tow truck.

The bus had few passengers and received no notable damage apart from a smashed front headlight, which was functional, according to bus driver Kyle McCormack, a third-year in criminology.

“All I could do was turn so I didn’t hit her directly,” McCormack said. “I still caught the front of the car.”

McCormack, who was driving the East Residential Route, said the well-being of everyone involved was his first priority.

“I was definitely worried about everyone’s safety,” McCormack said. “The first thing I did before I even radioed (CABS headquarters) was make sure (Chan) was all right.”

Chan, who was on campus visiting her friends, said she tried to react to the bus but didn’t have time.

“Everything was too fast,” she said. “I didn’t have time to think.”

McCormack, who has been driving CABS buses for about seven months, said this is the second accident of this type he has been in within the last two weeks. The other accident was a CABS fender bender on High Street, he said.

“At least neither of them were my fault,” McCormack said. 

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