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Award-winning filmmaker kickstarts new web comedy series

Photo courtesy of Patrick Flynn

Award-winning filmmaker Patrick Flynn has created a new eight-episode Internet series which Flynn described as “Abbot and Costello” meets “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

The series, titled “I Live With This,” follows the lives of two roommates: Dan, who Flynn describes as normal, and Brandon, who he notes as a borderline sociopath with outlandish opinions. Neither of the actors were available for comment.

The show made its YouTube debut on April 19, premiering two episodes. Since then, two episodes have been released per week. The last two will debut on May 10 and May 12, respectively. 

“When you are doing a series exclusively for the Internet, there is no set format, so we wrote and shot eight episodes,” Flynn said. “If it is really popular we will do more, if it isn’t we will just leave it at the eight.”

Flynn’s experience stems beyond YouTube, however. Flynn has written web-based content for popular shows such as, “30 Rock,” “Chuck,” “Mike and Molly” and “Parks and Recreation.”

“I co-wrote and directed a web series for Keith Powell from the series ‘30 Rock’ back in 2008 called ‘Keith Powell Directs a Play,’ and that is how I started gaining some traction in the new media area,” Flynn said. 

It is difficult to promote web-based content, and especially difficult to differentiate your product from all the noise, Flynn said. 

“This is especially true on YouTube where you are competing not only with some really great web content, but also you are competing with cats playing pianos,” Flynn said. “It is a totally open market, which is exciting because I can put out whatever I want, but at the same time, so can anybody else.” 

Flynn is also the proprietor of Unknown Penguin Studios, a new media company.

The production is a joint effort between Unknown Penguin and machinima.com, an entertainment website devoted to video gamers, according to its website. Representatives from machinima.com were also unavailable for comment.  

Annie Williams, an OSU alumna from the class of 2010, is an avid fan of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” looks forward to the next release of Flynn’s production.

“‘It’s Always Sunny (in Philadelphia)’ is by far my favorite show for the type of humor it displays,” she said. “I generally like all types of shows of this genre, so I’m looking forward to checking out ‘I Live With This.'”

Flynn is originally from Wilmington, Del. He says one of his biggest honors was to be the first student selected by American University to have a mentorship with Academy Award-winning director, Barry Levinson.

Although Flynn’s career has included bouts as a filmmaker and playwright, Flynn finds the web content he creates to be the most rewarding.

“Web content is what I do. I’m very proud of this show, and I hope that the quality will stand above the other content out there on the web,” Flynn said. 

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