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Storm drainage escapes manhole, causing road near RPAC to flood

Victor Huang / Lantern photographer

The road between the RPAC and Ohio Stadium started to flood at about 9 a.m. Tuesday because the manhole that holds storm drainage was not bolted down properly, said Doug Brandon, a Facilities Operations and Development employee.

Brian Kennedy, an FOD employee, said when there is too much rainfall, the pipes get full, and it causes water to back up and flood the road.

Brandon said he wasn’t certain what happened to the bolts, but a contractor or student could have taken the bolts off the manhole.

Kennedy also said the bolts might have been removed because of periodic service maintenance, contractors or pranksters.

The bolts weren’t on the manhole Tuesday morning when the road began to flood after water from the second round of rain leaked out of the storm drain, Brandon said.

“This use to be bolted down, and it’s popping up,” Brandon said. “It happened during the second round of rain around 9 (a.m.)”

Brandon was holding down the manhole with his truck to keep the rain from pouring onto the road until further assistance arrived.

If the bolts are returned and no damage to the area is done, it won’t cost the university, Brandon said.

As of 5 p.m. Tuesday, Sally Blatt, FOD office administrative associate, couldn’t ensure the manhole leak had been fixed.

“I can’t confirm that right now,” Blatt said.

The storm drainage leak has happened before, Brandon said.

“It flooded back into the practice field back there. (It was) pretty messy,” Brandon said.

Kennedy said he didn’t know damage costs of previous storm drainage leaks.

Victor Huang contributed to this story.

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