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Committee recommends hires in compliance review plan

The Committee of Audit and Compliance at Ohio State has recommended hiring Protiviti, a business consulting firm in Menlo Park, Calif., to help create university-wide compliance reform.

The university decided that compliance at the university needed to be reviewed in the wake of the OSU football scandal that led to the forced resignation of head coach Jim Tressel.

A sub-committee led by Geoff Chatas, chief financial officer for the university, is creating a centralized compliance office that covers not only athletics, but research and medical compliance as well.

In addition to Protiviti, Chatas recommended that the board hire New York based law-firm Dewey and LeBoeuf to assist in the plan.

The Board of Trustees plans to vote on the decision next week.

In a meeting last month, Chatas suggested that the review and inventory or the current compliance department be completed by Sept. 1. He also said that the sub-committee hire and assign a project manager by Oct. 1.

Robert Schottenstein, chairman of the Board of Trustees, expects the whole plan to be finished by Jan. 1.


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