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Burglar dies during Chittenden break-in

A burglar made a fatal mistake attempting to break into an apartment on Chittenden Avenue over Labor Day weekend, according to police reports.

Darin E. Moore, 49, attempted to rob the university-district residence when he injured his arm on broken glass. Police said Moore broke a ground-floor window using his arm and in the process, severed an artery on the glass.

Moore bled to death in the apartment, police said.

Two Ohio State students returned home Monday to find the front window broken and the front door open. Moore was dead in their living room in a pool of blood.

There was blood all over the apartment and the students contacted police at about 2 p.m.

Moore was pronounced dead at the scene by authorities.

One of the students to find the body was Nick Bockey, a fourth-year in radiologic sciences & therapy.

Police said that valuables had been moved around in the apartment, but Moore ultimately attempted to doctor himself. Blood was all over the apartment because of his attempts to stop the bleeding.

Moore was identified through fingerprints Columbus Police had in the Columbus Police Identification Section.

The Franklin County Coroner has not completed the autopsy and the time of death is still unknown.

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