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Cosplayers, gamers, anime fans getting chance to geek out

Courtesy of Karl Boettcher

Halloween may be a month away, but that won’t necessarily stop a group of geeks from dressing up in their favorite video game, anime or comic book superhero costumes.

The Wild Goose Creative will host its third annual Geekfest to celebrate comic culture from Friday to Sunday in Clintonville.

Cosplay junkies will attend a three-day festival that will have a series of costume competitions, board game and video game tournaments and feature mashup mixes performed by local bands.

Karl Boettcher, Geekfest’s organizer, will dress up as an agent from the television series “Warehouse 13.” He said Geekfest has become more than the uniting of the culture.

“Folks have changed it from celebrating the geek culture from the outside, to a place for geeks to celebrate themselves,” Boettcher said.

The first day, the “Geekfest Kick-off Event,” will start with a costume party and a showing of clips from the the science-fiction TV series, “Mystery Science Theatre 3000,” also known as “MST3K.”

Jackie Kemble, a fifth-year in policital science, did not get to attend last year but has designed her own costume of “Star Wars'” Queen Amidala and is excited to attend.

“I pieced it together with things I already had,” Kemble said.

Attendees will not only dress up as their favorite characters but will also battle for grand prizes and gift cards to local retailers.

The “Electronica Music Party” on Saturday will have local bands performing independent electronic music, mashups and pilots. Some of the performers include the Jetpack Bandits, Teen Fiction, Evolution Control Committee and others.

On Sunday’s “Omegathon,” there will be a five-round, 32-player double-elimination game tournament that will include games like Connect Four, “Mario Kart” and “Duck Hunt.”

Boettcher said he hopes to attract at least 300 people, including Ohio State, Columbus State and Columbus College of Art and Design students.

Many may have heard of Geekfest, but Kate Major, a third-year in hospitality management, is not sure if she will attend, but was pleased to hear of the event.

“I have never heard of Geekfest, but sounds amazing,” Major said.

While admission is free for Friday and Sunday, attendance Saturday costs $10.

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