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Don’t let unpredictable Mother Nature cloud your feelings toward Columbus

It’s not a secret that Ohio and Mother Nature don’t always get along. While our winters are nothing compared to those out west, and we seem to dodge the occasional freak outbursts of tornados and floods (sans the summer earthquake), we have very bipolar weather to deal with. It’s not uncommon for it to be 90 degrees one day, and 60 and storming the next.

I’m not concerned with the meteorology as much as I am with how much this bipolar weather affects our moods. We can’t help it. If we have to walk to class on another gray, rainy day, we might not all be in the best spirits. The start of the first full week of classes was, you guessed it, a muggy day filled with rain, as was the first full day of classes itself.

To those who are new to Columbus — or even for those who are used to our crazy weather — don’t let our unpredictable weather be the basis for your feelings toward this city.

As a Columbus native, I’ll always be the first person to tell you why I love this city. Just because our weather might be a bit crazy, doesn’t mean you aren’t in a great place.

Even in the rain, our parks — from Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley to Goodale Park in the Short North — are beautiful and meant for you to spend hours at. In one day, you can try your best to devour the famously huge burger at The Thurman Cafe, spend hours getting lost in German Village’s Book Loft, take a run at The Scioto Mile and play kick ball at Columbus Commons. Top your evening off with dime-a-dog night at Huntington Park during a Clippers game, or catch at show one of our many concert venues.

We not only have a great football team to rally behind at Ohio State. We also have the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Columbus Crew. There are a myriad of small businesses in the Short North where you can shop, snack and chat with the amiable proprietors. And you haven’t lived until you’ve had a taste of pistachio and honey from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

So the next time you want to mutter “I hate Ohio!” because our weather is such a downer, just remember that Columbus has a lot to offer that Mother Nature can’t take away.

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