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Staff grilled for poor service at Cazuela’s

Amber Evans / Lantern reporter

Cazuela’s Grill Mexican, located on the corner of West Northwood Avenue and High Street, claims to offer “the most delightful and traditional Mexican food in town.” However, one should not go there expecting good service.

With its large outdoor patio complete with a bar, Cazuela’s seems inviting from the outside, but this is absolute proof that looks can be deceiving.

If you arrive before the dinner rush you might escape the unpleasant experience of standing in the narrow doorway as you wait for a seat, uncomfortably pressing up against the wall whenever anybody else needs to come in or out.

The dining room is small and cramped, especially on a crowded night. The decorations on the walls are unimpressive, though the effort is there. The lights are a bit brighter than in your average restaurant, but nothing too excessive.

The chips that are brought out before the meal are inconsistent, with some baskets being warm and delicious while others are cold and stale. The cheese dip compliments the fresh chips beautifully, and even helps lessen the disappointment of the stale ones. The guacamole is also worth mentioning.

I ordered the chicken fajitas and a frozen neon margarita.

This is when the lousy service became noticeable. The food came out in a timely manner, but I would have preferred that they took their time if it meant that they got my order right. My order came out without sour cream and with only two tortillas. I asked for a side of sour cream and more tortillas immediately.

Though the waiter walked by my table several times, even making eye contact with me once, it took more than 10 minutes for him to bring me the items. The portion was not nearly as big as the same meal would be at most other Mexican restaurants.

Furthermore, the waiter was terrible at refilling drinks, never took dirty plates and had to be waved down for the check.

Unlike the meal, the margaritas were excellent. They come in many different flavors, the prices are decent and best of all they’re usually on the stronger side.

While it’s a fun place to enjoy a margarita with friends, do not go to Cazuela’s if you are looking for a traditional dining experience.

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