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While Demi and Dev strike out on new albums, Tony Bennett strikes gold

“Unbroken” — Demi Lovato

Disney star Demi Lovato released “Unbroken,” which comes after a tumultuous fall from Disney grace. This was meant to be her big comeback to music but the album seems to be caught between generic R&B and basic pop music.

The first few tracks are almost unbearable to listen to but it gets better toward the end. Her voice is what shines the most on the underwhelming album.

Tracks such as “Lightweight,” “Unbroken” and “Give Your Heart A Break” display decent production and her amazing vocal ability. The best song is definitely “Skyscraper,” which is very raw and provides a little insight into her problems.

Other than that song, Lovato is very careful about not allowing her past woes leak into her songs, which could have brought the album to another level.

Verdict: C

“The Night the Sun Came Up” — Dev

Lesser-known pop singer Dev tried to do a little something different than her pop contemporaries with her new album, “The Night The Sun Came Up,” and she doesn’t quite succeed.

While the production on most of the tracks is for the club, her voice just seems like it’s part of the beat rather than standing out on it’s own. It felt like The Cataracs, the album’s producers, wanted to show off their surprisingly good production but needed a singer to make it more mainstream.

That’s where Dev came in.

She shines in tracks like “Take Her From You” and “Bass Down Low” where her cheekiness comes into play. When the songs are mid-tempo, however, she falls short.

Pop stars can relax. Dev’s not coming for them anytime soon.

Verdict: D

“Duets II” — Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett is back with a smooth follow-up to “Duets” with “Duets II,” which features artists ranging from Aretha Franklin to Lady Gaga to the late Amy Winehouse.

This album is a perfect, feel-good jazz album that displays the best of the best’s vocal talent. Tony has one of the most complimentary voices in music and it’s apparent on the album. He does a great job of combining the older stars and the new kids, making the album relatable to everyone. “Body and Soul,” his duet with Amy Winehouse, is a tearjerker, while the tracks with John Mayer and Lady Gaga offer a more light-hearted and fun take on old songs.

This album is Grammy gold and proves that jazz still has a place in music.

Verdict: A

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