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Block ‘O’ shows inner soccer hooligan

Courtesy of Ohio State Athletics

Play like Connor today.

The Block “O” organization has adopted this motto for their cheering section for Ohio State men’s soccer games.

The motto pays homage to Connor Senn, a walk-on freshman who passed away during a September 2001 match against Akron.

“We wanted to do something that meant something to the school,” said Jamie Buehler, Soccer Coordinator for Block “O.”

This marks the first year that Block “O” has had cheering sections for men’s and women’s soccer Buehler said.

“At the Louisville and Michigan men’s games we had to turn people away,” Buehler said.

Buehler said that during the Michigan game, it was evident that the Michigan players noticed the cheering section.

“It was cool to see us getting at the Michigan players,” Buehler said. “One player made gestures toward us after he scored.”

On Sept. 28 the group traveled to Akron to support the men’s team in their game against one of the nation’s top-ranked teams.

“The effort they made to travel to Akron was unbelievable,” said John Bluem, the men’s soccer head coach. “The guys really like it.”

It was the first trip to an away men’s game that Block “O” has organized. Buehler said that about 90 people traveled to the game.

“To get two buses full of people was surprising,” Buehler said. “You could still hear us over Akron’s huge section.”

While the trip was successful, Buehler said that it is the only men’s road game that they are planning on attending this year.

Buehler said that the group has seen better numbers at the men’s games compared to the women’s games.

Despite this, volunteer assistant coach for the women’s team Spencer Bownas still notices the contributions from the cheering section.

“Games are so long, athletes can get so tired, but when you hear constant support, it reenergizes the players,” Bownas said. “It helps to have that 12th man.”

Sophomore midfielder Danica Wu also appreciates what the group has done.

“It gives people a chance to get involved,” Wu said. “I think it’s great for support.”

Buehler said the big event Block “O” is organizing for the women’s team will be for the game on senior night, Oct. 30, against Indiana.

“We don’t have a trip planned for the women’s games officially, but some of us may travel to some games with a group,” Buehler said.

The cheering section can be found directly behind the goal for all of the Big Ten conference men’s games and the women’s game on senior night.

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