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Commentary: D’oh! Cancel ‘The Simpsons’ now before it gets even worse

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A world with “The Simpsons” is like a winning streak against Michigan in football. We all love it while it’s happening, but we know it won’t last forever.

That’s why when I heard there was a possibility of one of my favorite shows not returning for its season due to contractual issues with the voice cast, I honestly wasn’t all that bummed.

Fortunately, the cast and the executives have reached an agreement for the next two seasons, so we’ll be seeing a lot more of Homer’s beer belly in high definition, but I can’t help but wonder, has “The Simpsons” run past its prime?

When I was younger, “The Simpsons” replaced the usual shows that a four-year-old was supposed to watch (hello, “Barney.”) Thanks to my older siblings forcing me to watch the show with them, I was told not to “have a cow, man” before I knew my own phone number.

Up to a point around season 10, I could proudly boast that I’d seen every single full-length episode of “The Simpsons” ever created, including the ones before I was born.

Since season 10, my viewing has trickled down to a mere few episodes per year, something my four-year-old self wouldn’t like hearing. Suddenly, “The Simpsons Movie” was announced, and all of the love and excitement I felt as a kid came rushing back.

After the exhilaration of the movie wore off, the show went back to its old, stale self. I haven’t really watched since.

The show just … isn’t that funny anymore.

That might be considered blasphemy in my household, but it’s true. It seems to me that “The Simpsons” has seen its best days go by them, no matter how much it truly pains me to say it.

It’s almost like, if you truly love something, you have to let it go. Despite my lack of viewing, I truly love the Simpson family, so much so that I’m ready to let them go.

Before their time is up, I still have many memories to bask in. I will always love the three-eyed fish, Homer skateboarding over Springfield Gorge, Michael Jackson’s birthday song to Lisa, and Mr. Burns’ grizzly bear underwear.

Until the sad day comes when the show is officially over, there’s still plenty of time to try and enjoy what the show has given us. So sit back on your brown couch, pop in a DVD of an old season and eat a jelly doughnut before Chief Wiggum takes the last one.

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