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Commentary: Seth Meyers makes me feel (Saturday night) alive

Cody Cousino / Photo editor

When I heard over the summer that the Ohio Union Activities Board was bringing Seth Meyers to Ohio State to do a free show, two thoughts immediately crossed my mind: the first being that I would do everything in my reasonable power to assure that I was there, and second that this must be how Justin Bieber fans feel all the time.

I can’t fully explain in words how I feel about Seth Meyers, aside from being the perfect combinations of adorable and handsome, hilarious and witty, and a huge celebrity while maintaining that down-to-earth chill guy vibe. His total inability to keep a straight face while telling a joke on “Saturday Night Live” is something others consider to be a fault in his comedy career, but it just makes me love him more. It’s that awkward I-laugh-at-my-own-jokes thing that people hate, but Meyers can get away with it because he has a heart-melting half-smile that makes me swoon.

After hearing about the show, I proceeded to call my roommate, who dutifully watches “SNL” with me every week, and we immediately made plans to go to the show together. Fast forward a month, its 3:30 p.m. on Sept. 22, the day of the ticket release, and I’m sitting alone at the Union. While tickets aren’t being handed out until 6 p.m. I was determined to be at the Ohio Union as soon as possible, on standby so that the minute I saw a line forming I could get in it.

Given my major crush on Meyers, I was really confused as to why there wasn’t a line already wrapped around the building. I figured that there must be at least a few people as crazy-in-love as I was. It was about another hour until a real line started forming, and then after another hour of waiting I finally had my ticket in hand.

After a particularly grueling start to the quarter, I couldn’t wait for some down time with my main man, and Sunday couldn’t come soon enough.

A week later, sitting in a packed Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom in the Union, Meyers was announced at last, and when he came on stage, my heart leaped. I could not have been smiling more. I almost started crying a little bit.

Looking absolutely adorable in a button down, jeans and Adidas sneakers, his smirking face lit up the stage and two satellite screens.

Greeted with the cheers of more than 1,000 students, Meyers began his routine. Talking about everything from futon hookups and Sarah Palin’s time on “SNL,” his old college stories and his fluency in the French language, Meyers had the crowd laughing the whole night. When he told the “SNL” jokes that were censored from airing, the audience was dying. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.

It was truly a wonderful night. However, I do have one complaint. At one point Meyers made a reference to a girlfriend, and he told the masses that he lived with her, which produced a few disappointed groans from the female audience (myself included.) While I was upset about Meyers being off the market, and that it was apparently a serious thing, I tried not to let it ruin my night, although I have to admit that it kind of bummed me out for a while, as the death of a dream typically does.

I had an amazing time at the show but I wish it had been twice as long. Even though we can’t be together, Meyers will always be one of my favorite comedians, and I know I’ll look back on this show at the end of Spring Quarter and recall it as one of my favorite memories of the year.

Besides, it’s not over game over until he’s married, so call me sometime, Seth.


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