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Gov. Kasich storms Ohio with Issue 2 rallies

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Some Ohio State students aren’t jumping on Governor John Kasich’s ‘barn’ storming bandwagon for Issue 2.

This week, Kasich is launching a series of pro-Issue 2 rallies in various cities in Ohio. A barn in Logan County was one of the first places Kasich visited Oct. 10.

Kasich encouraged the audience to vote yes on Issue 2, which is a referendum to the vote on Senate Bill 5.

One supporter of Issue 2, betterohio.org said that by voting yes, the law will allow “government employees to give local communities the flexibility they need to get taxes and spending under control.”

Opponents of Issue 2 say the law limits collective bargaining among public employees in Ohio.

Voting yes on Issue 2 is a vote in favor of SB 5, voting no is a vote against SB 5.

Kasich said he promotes Issue 2 because of the merit-based pay and the elimination of hiring workers based on longevity.

But some students are not convinced.

Chris Dalton, a first-year in political science, said that Issue 2 is more than merit-based pay and teacher seniority. He said the correlation between Issue 2 and SB 5 is one that is too close to comfort.

“This is one of the most extreme bills I have heard of,” Dalton said.

Issue 2 requires people to pay into their retirement and health benefits when they may have never had to do so before. Some say this hurts the middle class economically.

“I think we are hurting the middle class by letting some people pay zero,” Kasich said.

Kasich said Issue 2 will actually help middle class workers by ensuring a fair payment from everyone.

However, Dalton said he thinks there are other ways to fix this problem.

“Kasich and other Republicans came into office saying unions have a lot of power,” Dalton said.

Dalton said they see this as a way of fixing the problem, but it is just too extreme.

Jimmy Alford, a first-year in international studies, said he does not see any positive outcome if Issue 2 is passed.

“Even if it is something that would help (the economy), it’s not the right thing to do,” Alfred said.

Many people worry that Issue 2 supports the diminishment of the union’s ability to collectively bargain.

Lisa Seiberling, a local teacher at Indianola Alternative Elementary School, said she believes teachers have the right to negotiate and she disagrees with the leaders who support Issue 2.

“The people pushing it are idiotic,” Seiberling said.

The timing of Issue 2 is also something that bothers Alford.

“It came at the worst possible time, right after a recession,” Alford said.

Many organizations around campus have also been working to inform students about Issue 2 and SB 5.

Dalton said he has been involved with We are Ohio and College Democrats to encourage people to vote no on Issue 2.

Although Issue 2 might not personally affect some college students, it is going to take a little more than ‘barn’ rallies to convince some OSU students.

“We may not be generally affected,” Dalton said. “But it affects hundreds and thousands of Ohioans, and we are Ohioans.”

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