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Miranda Lambert trades gunpowder for diamonds

The spit-fire princess of country music has done it all. This year Miranda Lambert produced a No. 1-debuting album with her side project, Pistol Annies, and now has cemented her place in listeners’ hearts by showing her softer side on “Four the Record.”

Some may question the quality of an album built during such a busy time in Lambert’s life, but those questions were quickly dismissed with the album’s first single “Baggage Claim.” The song features a simple acoustic backdrop for sassy lyrics and the strong-willed attitude that has become Lambert’s signature sound.

More of this sound shines in “My Momma’s Broken Heart.” A prancing guitar leads into a strong rhythm. Paired with a rebellious message, the song is a success that will have women everywhere singing in the car.

Lambert gets emotional in tracks like “Over You,” and shows that she’s not always made of “gunpowder and lead.” As she uses her soft voice to vow never to get over a lost love, she makes herself more relatable to listeners.

The album hits a low point when she tries to take the emotion too far with “Fine Tune.” A jazzy background features a fuzzy slide guitar and is highlighted by distorted vocals crooning about needing a man to come along to save the day. This Betty Boop impersonation doesn’t work for a woman who is usually trying to fight every man in the bar, but I can appreciate trying something new.

While the slower songs help to fill out Lambert’s character, the high mark of the album is filled with her usual rocking sound in “Fastest Girl In Town.” Written with her Pistol Annies cohort, Angaleena Presley, it carries a message of woman-power plastered fiercely over a feisty electric guitar.

Lambert gives country music fans a wide range of emotions on her new project and it’s sure to provide enough hits to get through the winter.

Grade: A

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