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Punk band finds new glory on 7th album

Seven studio albums is an impressive feat for a punk rock band in a post-rock era.

New Found Glory doesn’t let the state of the outside music world affect their latest album, “Radiosurgery.” The most interesting part about the album is how the band members incorporated each of their own painful memories into the songs, thus coming up with the album title, which is a type of surgery that removes tumors without needles.

New Found Glory is probably the best at delivering pop-punk music, without straying into bubblegum rock. “Anthem for the Unwanted” is heartfelt but playful, really capturing what the band is about. They never take themselves too seriously. The most refreshing thing about each song is it’s short, sweet and to-the-point.

The best song overall is “I’m Not the One.” It’s fast, loud and slaphappy. Listening to it elicits an unexpected smile.

Despite the guys being in their thirties, they keep a youthful quality in the manic guitars and the fury of drums. The entire album is infectious and invokes a lot of heartbreak anthems that everyone can relate to.

It’s rare in rock music to feature other artists on songs. It only works in rare cases, but in “Caught in the Act” featuring Bethany Cosentino, her voice lends sweetness among the energetic tempos. “Memories and Battle Scars” has the best lyric on the whole album: “I wanna kiss you so hard that your lips bleed.”

The album tries to bring the old and the new together, remembering that to stay relevant in music today they have to deal with a much younger audience. But older fans don’t need to worry about them changing too much as the guys are pros at keeping current and relevant.

After being around for 14 years, the boys of New Found Glory still know what they’re doing. This record is a much better effort than their last album. They took some chances and it paid off.

Grade: A

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