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Renowned guitarist Richard Thompson to folk up the Southern Theatre

Courtesy of Pamela Littky

Nearly five decades after he debuted as a songwriter, guitarist and co-founder of the folk-rock band Fairport Convention, Richard Thompson, continues to work on his track record, but this time as a solo artist.

Accompanied by featuring artist and poet-songwriter, Pieta Brown, Thompson will take his United States tour to the Southern Theatre Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Rich Corsi, the Columbus Association for Performing Arts director of programming, said that CAPA has worked with Thompson and his band since the 1990s and expects to hear new material from the artist that has yet to be released.

“He has songs that he has never played live before, that lot of the different cities (he) is playing at, will actually get to hear,” Corsi said.

In addition to presenting his latest work, Thompson will randomly select four songs from his past 17 albums and will perform them at different tour locations, Corsi said.

Thompson will tour through February 2012 and will make stops in Cincinnati, New York, Portland and Miami, among others.

Among several rock artists, Thompson was recognized as a recipient of the Orville H. Gibson Best Acoustic Guitar Award, the Ivor Novello Award and has worked with artists, Led Zepllin, Robert Plant and Elvis Costello.

Some of his recent work includes “Dream Attic” and the theatrical song “Cabaret of Souls” which was written for string orchestra.

“He is a prolific songwriter that is very well respected in the music business,” Corsi said.

Thompson is to bring not only his folk-rock style to the stage, but also his British and Celtic jazz influences that he has picked up over the years.

David Holbrook, a third-year in English, said that he will not attend because he had not heard of Richard Thompson.

Although Rachel Richardson, a fourth-year in communication, will not attend the show, she is interested to hear about the artist and his music.

“It sounds like something I would to go because of the genre he plays,” Richardson said.

Thompson was unavailable to comment.

Tickets can be purchased at the Ohio Theatre ticket office. Tour dates and times can be found on richardthompson-music.com.

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