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Restore OSU’s ‘excellence’: Give Posey, Herron the boot

Feel the ground shaking? That’s Woody Hayes rolling in his grave.

After being involved in one of the biggest scandals in the history of the school that already constantly showers them with free merchandise and gives them a superior education in exchange for their athletic skills, Devier Posey and Daniel “Boom” Herron obviously don’t get it.

The school gives them the opportunity to make a lifelong dream come true — all they have to do is put in a little time and effort.

In what has been a shameful past year for Ohio State’s football team, the embarrassment continued on Monday afternoon as Posey and Herron furthered their current five-game suspensions by accepting money that they didn’t earn.

Posey earned $720 more than he should have, while Herron pocketed close to an extra $300.

Offensive lineman Marcus Hall was also overpaid by $225, but he didn’t have the shameful track record of Posey and Herron.

If you need a refresher on Posey and Herron’s actions involving tattoos, welcome back from your coma. You have a lot to catch up on.

Posey and Herron – both seniors, keep in mind – were part of a group that brought shame upon the university, forcing former OSU head coach Jim Tressel to step down long before his tenure should have been over and throwing Luke Fickell and Braxton Miller into positions they weren’t ready for and aren’t handling well.

In order to begin the process of re-establishing the integrity and pride that OSU was built on, the team has no choice to kick Posey and Herron off the team. Do it now and don’t come out and act sad about seeing them leave.

Show no mercy, show no regrets and send a message that every football player or potential football player who steps on to OSU’s campus won’t forget any time in the near future.

Could the team use the weapons for the rest of the season? Of course. But in the long run, the university as a whole needs to take a step in the right direction and begin its journey back to being one of the most reputable and successful programs in the country.

A message needs to be sent. The integrity this football program was built on needs to be re-established.

Restore “The Tradition,” return “The Pride” and reinstate “The Excellence.”

The easiest way to make that happen? Release the dishonest and remove the corrupt.

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