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Rocktoberfest Round 2 riffs in Columbus

Courtesy of Jodi Miller

It might be October for most of us, but for some, it’s actually “Rocktober.”

This month, Columbus Alive will be putting on their second annual fall concert, Rocktoberfest. Six local bands will be performing at The Bluestone on Friday, including The Floorwalkers and Way Yes, who recently performed together at The Newport Music Hall.

Kristen Schmidt, editor at Columbus Alive, said this is their favorite time of year.

“We’re insanely focused on music, and Rocktoberfest is a great way to kick off this month with local bands and a free show,” Schmidt said. “It’s a local music extravaganza.”

Last year marked the very first Rocktoberfest and though the situation wasn’t ideal, Schmidt still wasn’t disappointed.

“Let me tell you about last year,” Schmidt said. “It was over at Gateway, it was cold, raining, and outside … but 600 people still showed up.”

This year low attendance isn’t expected to be a likely factor with more 500 guests said to be attending on the Facebook event page.

“Oh I only check that thing about 10 times a day,” Schmidt said. “I just saw we’re almost to 600 people on Facebook, so I’m hoping the place to be packed out.”

Rocktoberfest will take place indoors this year at The Bluestone on East Broad Street. Schmidt said she is excited about their choice on where to have the concert this year.

“We’re having it at The Bluestone, which is a renovated church,” she said. “It’s big and warm and just beautiful. It’s a place where everyone can come in and hang their coats up for the night.”

When asked about what students can expect at Rocktoberfest, Schmidt said, “What can’t they expect?”

“We’ve got an incredible band lineup, and Nina West, Columbus’s best drag queen will be our emcee,” she said. “She’ll be hosting being beautiful and loud, I guarantee.”

Glenn Davis, bass player for Way Yes, is looking forward to Rocktoberfest and said a lot has changed for the band from last year’s show.

“Since last year, we have a new keyboard player, and we’ve been playing a lot more since we’re getting ready to go on tour,” he said. “And also have a new record out this time around.”

Davis said students should come out to the show Friday simply because it will be “hip and cool.”

“It’s going to be a good show for everybody and supports local bands,” he said.

Along with music, local vendors will be at the event with their artwork and crafts. Food vendors will also be set up outside, including Mikey’s Late Night Slice.

Dantelle Carroll, a fourth-year in strategic communication, said she won’t be attending.

“I’m not going because I’m not that interested in it and I’ve never heard of it,” she said.

Schmidt said those that do attend will have the chance to experience many things.

“We’ve made it a celebration of Columbus’s local stuff,” she said. “It’s a little more than just music.”

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