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Sunday Night Live: Seth Meyers performs stand-up at Ohio State

CODY COUSINO / Photo editor

Seth Meyers, the head writer for “Saturday Night Live” and anchor for the show’s “Weekend Update” segment, appeared in the the Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom in the Ohio Union on Sunday as part of Ohio Union Activities Board’s “An Evening with Seth Meyers.”

Students began lining up four hours before the event to get a glimpse of the accomplished comedian.

Meyers took the stage and for the next hour, the ballroom was filled with comedy and laughter. His jokes were non-stop jabs at topics around campus and the nation.

To set the tone, he began with jabs at the football team and apologized for the recent spiral of downfalls.

“I remember when OSU slammed Northwestern back when I went to Northwestern,” Meyers said. “Today, I’m glad I’m standing where I am.”

Meyers then hit on the upcoming election, roasting Donald Trump, and his thoughts of the candidates.

“Last April, I performed at the White House Correspondents Dinner,” Meyers said. “Politics always seems to be filled with comedy. All I have to say is I wish I had Sarah Palin’s confidence. They are going to have to reprint the history books after her Revere slip-up. Donald Trump won’t let her live that down, although I thought he was running as a joke, not Republican. “

Being able to laugh at yourself is what Meyers said keeps you grounded.

Mohammed Miniato, a first-year in biology, admits it’s a nice, refreshing way to give him a better outlook.

“After yesterday’s loss to Michigan State, Meyers lifted my spirits,” Miniato said. “It puts things back into perspective.”

Danielle Lopez, a first-year in political science, enjoyed that Meyers kept the comedy at a college level.

“His jokes were funny because we could relate to them,” Lopez said. “His skits on the election and world news make him likable because he isn’t afraid to tell the truth and make a few jokes while he’s at it.”

Before the event, students said they were going to wait in line to see him no matter what other assignments they had on their agenda.

Audrey Hall, a second-year in aerospace engineering, said taking time from her homework to see Meyers is time well spent.

“I hope he does some of his sketches from ‘Weekly Update,'” Hall said. “I should be doing homework, but laughing for a few hours is a nice break.”

Sarah Montague, a second-year in explorations, said she has been a fan of Meyers for a few years and stood in line long before the show began.

“I’ve watched him on ‘SNL’ for a few years,” Montague said. “I hope this concert is worth the wait. Who knows, I may even have a major at the end of the night.”    

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