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The Arts & Life section has decided on a new name, color

Only a week after putting the Arts & Life facelift into readers’ hands, the votes have been tallied and the results are in.

While purple served the arts well by adding an undeniably velvety feel to the section, shrouding it in a bold yet coy color, she also showed a temperamental side that often left our pages looking like the aftermath of a lovers’ quarrel.

Now that Arts & Life has freed itself from the shackles of that bad relationship, the sun is shining and the sky looks just a little bit bluer. And by reader demand, sky blue will become the new color of the section, a breath of fresh air following a nasty, purple divorce.

Now that we’ve renewed our lease on life, we could not stop there.

In the interest of more accurately reflecting the kind of news stories and columns readers want from an arts section, while also giving it a sleeker logo, The Lantern arts section will be renamed [a+e] beginning Monday.

[a+e] refers to arts and entertainment, a narrower scope which represents our stronger focus on the entertainment stories readers care about, while keeping touch with the thriving art community in and around the Ohio State campus.

We hope this arts section redesign will do justice to the ever-evolving arts and entertainment community, as we continue to shine a spotlight on the music, movies and television that make Columbus great.

Tell us what you think @LanternAE, the same Lantern arts feed with a new name. 

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