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Yoga participants touch down in the ‘Shoe

Katie Harriman / Lantern Reporter

More than 1,200 people gathered on the field of the Ohio Stadium on Saturday for athletic apparel company LuLuLemon Athletica’s “Om-H-I-O” yoga event.

After attendees spread out their yoga mats, the 60-minute session started with an “Om-H-I-O” chant as the sun rose over the east side of the stadium.

Emily Johnson, an OSU alumna and former cheerleader, returned to her old stomping grounds for the 9:30 a.m. event.  

Johnson said the combination of Ohio State spirit and one of her favorite brands made the event one-of-a-kind. She remembered her time spent on the field during football games.

“It was an unreal experience. The atmosphere is always incredible,” Johnson said. “Doing yoga in the ‘Shoe is an experience I don’t think we’ll ever get again.”

Lauren Hunter, LuLuLemon assistant manager for the Easton Town Center location and a fourth-year in retail management and industry exploring, said she hopes this isn’t the last time LuLuLemon comes to Ohio Stadium.

“It’s something that’s never happened before, an opportunity to get the community together in such an iconic location,” Hunter said. “We want to have this be our tradition here at OSU.”

The event wasn’t publicized, but spread through “word-of-mouth,” something Hunter said helps LuLuLemon build relationships in the community.

Jennifer Cork, an administrator at OSU’s Health Sciences library, said she read about the event on Facebook. She said she would have to perform “modified moves” with her two-and-a-half-month old son, Murphy, strapped to her waist, and 3-year-old son, Finn, who was excited to be on the field.  

“Yoga on the football field seemed pretty attractive,” Cork said. “My son loves the Buckeyes.”

LuLuLemon ambassador, Lara Falberg, led the class through the moves over a PA system. Due to technical difficulties, which caused feedback from her microphone, she wasn’t able to actually perform the poses, but there were more than 40 local instructors walking around the field to help her instruct.  

Falberg, an OSU alumna, said her day on the field was a dream come true.

“I surely did feel the power of being in this environment,” Falberg said. “Just looking across the field and seeing everybody go for it and have a great time was overwhelming and exquisite and I loved it.”

Rows of men, women and children were encouraged to perform the poses at their own comfort level, which included warrior, happy baby and three-legged downward dog.

“It’s just the community coming together and acting as one,” Hunter said. “Nothing is more powerful than everyone hitting down dog at the same time.”

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