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ACIDIC hopes to bring sizzle to Columbus

Courtesy of Alfredo Luna

While performing overseas for the armed forces, Michael Gossard, lead singer of alternative rock band ACIDIC, found inspiration.

“I would be approached by all these soldiers and they’d tell me stories,” Gossard said. “I’d listen and I decided I needed to write about it.”

These stories led Gossard to write some songs for the group’s newest album, “Chronic Satisfaction,” which can be heard when the band is scheduled to perform at O’Sheckys Live Monday at 7 p.m.

“Chronic Satisfaction” is ACIDIC’s third album and Gossard said it’s true to its name.

“It chronically satisfies people,” he said. “This one captures raw energy. We wanted to convey an emotion. It’s based on personal experience.”

Gossard said he has been happy with the turnout at the band’s shows so far.

“It’s been one of the highest-attended tours we’ve ever played,” he said. “We’ve been building our fan base and it’s finally getting to the point where we’re able to entertain larger crowds.”

Along with a large crowd, Gossard said the fans also bring the energy.

“We have a ravenous fan base,” he said. “They are the loudest.”

Gossard said that crowd includes a group of loyal girls, whom the band calls “goddesses,” which comes to many of their shows.

“Those girls put together a $300 care package for us to take on the road, so we took them to dinner,” Gossard said. “OK, it was only McDonald’s, but we’re musicians and we’re cheap, what do you expect?”

Recently, ACIDIC landed a place on Music Review’s “12 Bands to Watch in 2012.” Gossard said he was shocked and pleased with the recognition.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it,” he said. “But being noticed, being put in a magazine that tells people to watch us … I mean we’ve all been up for three days straight. I guess it’s that effort that got us here. If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Other outlets have noticed ACIDIC as well.

Cindy Parr of “Shockwave Magazine” said “Chronic Satisfaction” is “is full of high energy tunes with catchy lyrics and solid music.”

Lonnie Nemiroff of ShockYa.com also enjoyed the album. She said it made her “giddy inside” because she “truly missed the organic punk sound.”

“Chronic Satisfaction” harbors a dance number as of one its tracks and Gossard said it’s one of the things he’s proud of off this album.

“I’ve always wanted to do kind of a poppy-sounding song like this because it’s different,” he said.

Gossard said he is also proud of the recognition “Chronic Satisfaction” has brought the band.

“People have started walking up to me at shows and showing me some of my lyrics I’ve wrote that they’ve gotten tattooed,” he said. “I’m like ‘That’s permanent, you sure about that? I’m really not worth it.'”

O’Shecky’s Live is located at 6240 Busch Blvd.

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