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Arrest made involving armed robbery in campus area

Matt Edwards / Asst. multimedia editor

There has been an arrest linked to one of the recent robberies in the campus area.

A 17-year-old female was arrested Thursday for possession of a debit card belonging to a victim of an armed robbery that occurred Wednesday evening, said Sergeant Richard Weiner of the Columbus Division of Police.

“Having that in her possession, she’s going to be charged for that,” Weiner said. “Is it possible that she found that in the campus area? Absolutely. But, nonetheless, it’s still a valid charge.”

Deputy Chief Tim Becker of Columbus police said the officers on scene were making a stop of a vehicle before learning about the connection to the robbery.

“We did have a patrol officer stop, what they deemed to be suspicious people,” Becker said. “A preliminary investigation at the scene gave them reason to believe there may be a connection (to the recent robberies)”

Weiner said the vehicle was being suspicious in nature, and it actually took officers a little while to locate the vehicle.

“We had officers working, specifically looking for the robbery individuals,” Weiner said. “Something drew their attention to the car, very suspicious in nature, the car actually tried to duck and weave away from them … they actually found it in the rear of a frat house.”

There were five individuals being questioned on the scene, Weiner said, and one of them had exited the car before officers could bring him back to the area.

While police were interviewing the other individuals, some members from the fraternity house nearby approached officers stating that they had found property. The property they found was a checkbook.

The officer on scene immediately recognized the name on the checkbook as one of the victims from the armed robbery that occurred at 130 E. Woodruff Ave, Weiner said.

Five individuals were taken into headquarters. Police also recovered other property, including a handgun.

Weiner said all five individuals, three males and two females, were identified, and that police will be in contact with other victims to put together a lineup to identify the robbers.

Charaun Little, second-year in communication, was excited to hear there were arrests made involving the recent string of robberies.

“I think that’s great,” Little said. “It’s about time they started looking.”

Becker said the investigation is ongoing.  

Emily Spalla and Sarah Stemen contributed to this story.

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