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Aspiring dancers get a chance to try out for snappy company

30 p.m. in the Ohio Theatre.

The production company Serving Non-profit Associations by Performing will be making another round of talent search auditions for Columbus locals who can show off dance moves and musical range.

Auditions began on Nov. 13 and the second casting will be at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday at Galbreath Pavilion located in the Ohio Theatre.

SNAP! Performance Productions formed in 2003 by local talents and volunteers who like to perform, sing, act and dance.

Organizers are searching for male and female vocalists who can dominate any music genre, whether it is rock, rap, hip hop or classical.

They will also be looking for dancers with intermediate- to high-level experience.

Lynette Shy, artistic director and CEO of SNAP! Performance Productions, will be part of the panel of judges and will base her selections on performance skills, personality and talent.

“Amazing talent is always a good thing,” she said. “Technique and training is important to us. Another thing we look for that a lot of auditioning performers don’t always think of is personality.”

Interested partcipants must register before the audition date through the company website, snapcolumbus.org, and must be at least 18 years old.

Matthew Russo, marketing director of SNAP! Performance Productions, will also be part of the panel and will be focusing on the vocal skills. The criteria includes tone, interpretation, pitch and voice quality, among others.

“We also get an overall feeling of how much fun people are having with their songs and that gives us an indication of how well they will do on stage,” Russo said.

Contestants have the option of performing their own dance numbers or songs.

Vocalists will have to sign up for a time slot to perform their songs before the audition. However, judges will be judging performers with prechoreographed dances that range from contemporary to jazz.

Courtney Bland, a second-year in dance, is unsure if she will make it to the auditions on Sunday, but if she does go, she said that she would like to perform her own choreography.

“I have been dancing since before high school and have choreographed my own dances, so I would definitely show off contemporary ballet and probably sing too,” Bland said.

Participants will find out if they made the audition via mail.

SNAP! will be holding its practices every Sunday until the 2012 Spring Show in May.

Russo said the group will be preparing and writing its own storyline to include in the show and to tell a “cohesive story, with different songs, from oldies, rock or blues.”

Russo and Shy may add another audition date for those who will not able to attend on Sunday.

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