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Friday Fashion: Heat up winter holidays with the perfect party dress

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Forget ugly sweaters. It’s time to go shopping for that fabulous holiday party dress, perfect for your best friend’s bash or a night on the town. While dress shopping is always a daunting task, make it fun this year by knowing which party style fits you best.

If you like to glam it up for the holidays, look for something glitzy with a lot of sparkle. A sequin mini-dress in gold or silver might seem intimidating, but with the right accessories, it can be lady-like and sophisticated. Opt for black tights with black pumps to keep your legs warm and to avoid looking like a disco ball. When it comes to jewelry, a simple ring or bracelet in a solid color is best.

You want to be comfortable for a long night of mixing and mingling. A basic little black dress in a jersey fabric is about as comfy as you can get. This dress will leave you with tons of options: sleeve length, hem length and accessory options that are limitless. Be bold with a chunky necklace or cocktail ring. Add a feminine touch with a pearl necklace and nude pumps. You can also choose to wear tights if you want to be more covered up.

For something a bit more sexy and unexpected, look for dresses with a scoop-back (similar to scoop-neck, but in the rear) or no back at all. These come in all materials, shapes and sizes and can be worn in many settings. For something more casual, wear opaque tights and opt for longer sleeves. If you’re heading to a more glamorous party, transparent tights or tights-free will keep all eyes on you.

To try out something more avant garde, one shoulder dresses are a great place to start. You’ll need to decide if you want the sleeve to be long or short and how structured you want it. For longer sleeves, something fitted and basic usually looks best. If you have a short sleeve or strap, a structural element or appliqu&e is a nice touch to keep you dressed to impress.

When you finally make it to the fitting room, there are a few things you’ll want to consider, such as color, fit and comfort. Holiday party dresses come in just about every color, but depending on the situation, some colors may be more appropriate than others. For example, I don’t recommend wearing a blinged-out dress to your office shindig. Next, the dress needs to fit you well. If you’ve got a tiny waist, make sure the dress cinches there. Fabulous arms? Opt for something with shorter sleeves. Finally, you’ll probably be wearing this dress for five to six hours. Make sure it’s something in which you can move around and feel comfortable all night.

The key to looking great in any outfit is to make sure you feel good in it. Believe me, you’ll know when a dress is the perfect fit.

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