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Mike Posner, Machine Gun Kelly blow LC roof sky high

Eric Beiersdorfer / Lantern photographer

The tension in the air was palpable before the doors for Thursday night’s Mike Posner concert featuring Machine Gun Kelly even opened.

Hundreds of dedicated followers braved the cold, some since 1 p.m., in order to get the best spots in the house. Outside the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, the line to get in wrapped around the building, leaving several fans standing in a muddy field.

After DJ E-V and Machine Gun Kelly opened, Posner took the stage.

Posner’s set list was diverse. He performed several of his hit songs such as “Please Don’t Go” and “Bow Chicka Wow Wow.” He also performed some of his lesser known songs, including “Cheated” and “Do U Wanna?”

Several times during the concert, Posner proved he was more than just a good singer. He played the piano and at one point formed a sort of drumline with his band. The drums were filled with water, and when Posner and his crew started playing, they drenched several members of the audience.

For his finale, “Cooler Than Me,” Posner climbed inside a giant inflatable hamster ball, dubbed “The Ball of Life.” He ran the ball off the stage and began running around on top of the audience.

Posner talked to The Lantern about how much his fans mean to him.

“Shows like this are so special to me,” he said. “I feel like everyone in the crowd is my peer. To have their support is everything to me. I’m so grateful to have the job that I do. If it wasn’t for the people who listen to our music, we wouldn’t exist. So, thank you.”

DJ E-V put on the opening act for the show presented by Prime Social Group. DJ E-V got the crowd riled up by repeatedly screaming, “Who’s ready to see some Machine Gun Kelly and Mike Posner?”

When it was finally time for Machine Gun Kelly to hit the stage, he emerged to an explosion of screams. As he performed, bras and panties pelted the stage.

His energy resounded throughout the room while he gave homage to his hometown during his song “Cleveland.” His repertoire also included some of his well know songs such as “Chip off the Block” and “Half Naked and Almost Famous.”

Rehgan Avon, a first-year in mechanical engineering, explained why she liked Machine Gun Kelly.

“Me and my friends are here for MGK because he’s from Cleveland and we’re all from Cleveland. We also have a friend who knows DJ E-V, and since he’s opening for MGK we had to come see him.”

Machine Gun Kelly opened up to The Lantern and about how he hopes to stay true to himself and his fans.

He was a very different person from who he appeared to be on stage. Someone who had just been jumping around and screaming turned into a calm, collected (but still energetic) young man.

“The biggest thing I’m scared about is ruining the legacy we started,” he said.

Machine Gun Kelly then went on to say that he will always work as hard as he can in order to not become a “sellout.”

Machine Gun Kelly and Posner both have new albums coming out next year. Machine Gun Kelly’s album “Lace Up” will be released sometime next year. Mike Posner has a mixtape titled “The Layover” coming out Nov. 20, and his album, “Sky High,” scheduled to be released between February and March of 2012.

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