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New architecture coming to Lane and High

Ohio State officials are making plans to add to the northwest corner of High Street and Lane Avenue to make it more welcoming to students.

Fred Fotis, assistant vice president for the Office of Student Life, said the university is planning on changing the appearance of the corner, but the plan is in the early stages.

“There are a ton of ideas, but nothing has been landed on yet,” Fotis said.

Fotis said that some of the ideas being considered include an architectural feature or a residence hall with a recreational center at the bottom of the building.

Some students like the idea of having something on that part of campus, but are not sure if a residence hall is the answer.

“I don’t know if we necessarily need another big residence hall with a rec-center in it since there is already a rec center up on north,” said Caitlin Kanner, a third-year in medical dietetics.

Olivia Lamb, a fourth-year in international business, suggested OSU put a library or student commons in the area.

“(Students on that side of campus) don’t have a lot of places to study,” Lamb said.

Fotis said these are a few of many ideas and there still needs to be a meeting with the design team before anything can actually happen. The overall goal is to make the university more welcoming.

“It’s a pretty important corner and it is one of the gateways to campus,” Fotis said.

Kanner said one of the things she would like to see by that corner is something similar to what is in the Short North. The lights over High Street and the sign that says “Welcome to the Short North” is what Kanner said she likes most.

“It’s welcoming and it looks really nice,” Kanner said.

Kanner said no matter what is built on that corner, it will be worth it because right now, there is nothing that properly presents OSU.

“It would be a good way to welcome people to campus because there are signs all along High Street but there’s not anything big (that says) ‘Welcome to Ohio State,'” Kanner said.

Cody Lawler, a third-year in nutrition, said he would like to see something there designed for the students.

Either way, Fotis said they are nowhere close to making any concrete plans as to what will be built, when it will be built or how much it is going to cost until he meets with the design team.

“We hope to sit down with design team sometime in the next couple of months,” Fotis said.

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