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Nickelback’s latest the best album ever

SATIRE — I wish I could spend Thanksgiving in Detroit this year. Not only to catch the Detroit Lions play, but to see the scheduled halftime entertainment provided by Nickelback, who is coming off its best album to date, “Here and Now.”

After a flawless call-out in “This Means War,” Nickelback dives into jams about having a good time. On “Bottoms Up,” lead singer Chad Kroeger gives homage to the ultimate party. The song “Midnight Queen” is worthy of that woman who licks your “pistol clean.” “Gotta Get Me Some” is awesome as well because it is almost exactly like “Midnight Queen” in theme.

Nickelback likes to slow it down every once in a while, too. “When We Stand Together” may very well win a Grammy with its honest message of uniting people worldwide.

Nickelback writes those intense love songs, too. “Lullaby” is a great track for all those kids in relationship turmoil. Kroeger advises that sometimes all you need to get over your problems is just a good night’s sleep.

I almost feel bad for Kroeger at some points. When he croons In the song “Trying Not To Love You,” I almost lost it sobbing. Things turn out to be all right though, as Kroeger finds his woman in “Holding On To Heaven.” They eventually have a perfect relationship, where she is down for “Everything I [Kroeger] Wanna Do.”

I was confused with the last song’s title, “Don’t Ever Let It End.” Then I get even more baffled at how Kroeger has problems with his girl again. It’s at this point that I begin to question Kroeger’s stability.

It may take some time to listen to “Here and Now.” It may seem difficult to get through Kroeger’s hard times, considering Nickelback’s series of relationship problems and hangovers presented in the record. As such, Nickelback stands as one of the most emotionally ambitious and “rockin'” bands of our time.

Grade: A+

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