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Commentary: Reality show trio no longer a ‘Shore’ thing

Courtesy of MTV

MVP is dead.

“Jersey Shore’s” popular bar-crashing, grenade-avoiding, gym-tan-laundry trio is done.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly DelVecchio once roamed the streets of the Jersey shore without a care in the world as one of the most badass trios on TV. (MVP is the nickname for this group of guys, representing the first letter in each of their names.)  

These three, now separated by distance, will never be the same again.

Vinny recently left the show because of stress-related issues. Shortly after returning from Italy where the fourth season was filmed, the group went straight into shooting the fifth and current season of the show. The families of the cast surprised them with a party, and Vinny felt homesick from that point on.

These stress-related issues will be resolved with time. He needed some time with his family — a brief return to a world of normalcy. Vinny will probably be back before this season is over. But MVP is dead.

The entire house has resented Mike for way too long. He isn’t the same, and they don’t bond together. In the latest episode, Pauly D and Mike were both celebrating a birthday, but there was little-to-no mention of it being Mike’s birthday. Pauly D’s family came down to celebrate with the group, Mike’s did not. The girls in the house made a cake for the party. The cake did not have Mike’s name on it.

Pauly D’s family took them out to dinner for their birthday, and, disgusted with the situation (pun intended), Mike left the table and found a couch in the restaurant to pass out on. Pauly D and his family played jokes on the passed-out housemate, and again Mike did not find it funny.

Mike’s relationship with the entire house has moved from the leader of The Shore to the reject. I think it would be safe to say that the tears that were shed when Vinny went home would not have been there if Mike left. Instead, I can envision the house throwing a massive party upon Mike’s departure.

If they weren’t getting paid millions of dollars to be friends with each other, I can guarantee there would be no chance any of them still talking to Mike.

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