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Dan Miraldi, Albino Winos bring own taste of rock ‘n’ roll to Scarlet and Grey Café

Courtesy of David Miraldi

Cheech has Chong, Ben has Jerry and Dan Miraldi has the Albino Winos.

Dan Miraldi and the Albino Winos is scheduled to perform at the Scarlet and Gray Café 8 p.m on Friday.

He and the band have been touring various venues in Ohio for the past few months as part of an East Coast tour that kicked off at the Scarlet and Grey Café in July.

“I’ve been trying to break out to different areas in Ohio,” Miraldi said.

Miraldi began pursuing his solo career in mid-2011 after breaking ties with his former band, The Silver Liners based in Washington, D.C.

Miraldi’s search for accompaniment led him to the Albino Winos, and together they have recorded the five-song EP “Rock N Roll Band.”

The title track is about “the fun of starting your first rock ‘n’ roll band,” he said.

For Miraldi, the purpose of the EP was not to put out a concept album, but rather to create a medley to exploit his musical potential and versatility, he said.

“(Miraldi’s EPs are) collections of songs that are like introductions: songs that have a lot of sonic flavors, but are just something very pleasant to listen to,” he said. “Each song is relatively different, but I think they’re all kind of united in sort of a joyful feeling. Each song has a joyful vibe.”

“Sonic flavors” don’t sprout from just any city. The Cleveland native has been dabbling in various musical styles in search of his own sound.  

Miraldi and the Albino Winos give off the vibe of a retro, rock ‘n’ rock ensemble, channeling artists like The Raspberries and The Beatles on songs such as “Mystical Queen” and “Rock N Roll Band.”

Columbus’ demographic is one of the reasons Miraldi and the band are looking forward to returning, he said.

“In Columbus we play to a demographic that’s more in the 20s,” Miraldi said.

A majority of Miraldi fans are his friends. They come out to support his work and they invite people they know to join them at his shows.

“(Miraldi) has a great live sound,” said Carol Brown, an OSU alumna. “They’re (the band) really high-energy rock n’ roll with a little bit of a retro vibe.”

Sarah Dreher, one of Miraldi’s fellow classmates at the College of Wooster, said she is looking forward to the show this week.

“It’s … like an old school sort of rock ‘n’ roll sound made into a modern context,” Dreher said. “His shows — they’re a lot of fun. You’re engaged in them. You’re not kind of like sitting in the background.” 

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