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OSU pulls cord on wireless issue in dorms

Many students living on North Campus have been experiencing wireless Internet issues since the beginning of the quarter, and few answers have been provided.

After nearly a month of sporadic issues, the source of the complications throughout the residence hall has been identified by the Office of the Chief Information Officer and a solution has now been implemented.

John Link, director of technology services, said the problem was local to wireless-access points on North Campus.

“(The problem was) a software-related issue on a wireless controller that manages the wireless access points for multiple buildings on North Campus,” Link said.

When Winter Quarter began, there was a significant increase in the number of support tickets the OCIO team was receiving regarding the residence hall network, ResNet. Troubleshooting immediately began by working with hardware vendors to narrow down the location of the problems and the general hours that they were taking place.

Mike Green, senior director of OCIO infrastructure, said taking care of the problem was a concern for the team.

“The ability of faculty, staff and students to access information via wireless is a top priority for the OCIO. We are supporting Student Life in their efforts to quickly restore service,” Green said.

During the period in which the wireless remained difficult to use, many students expressed discontent with the problem.

Jazmyn-Ann Carter, a third-year in communication, said she experienced long-term complications.

“I went about two weeks without really having Internet in my room. The only place I could use it was at the front desk,” Carter said. “It was a real let-down.”

Melody Reams, a first-year in pre-business, said she was frustrated with the situation.

“It’s bull how much we pay to live here and not even have wireless Internet,” Reams said. “We pay a lot of money to live here and it’s pretty bad that we can’t even use our computer.”

While the wireless issue has been temporarily resolved, the OCIO team is planning a more stable solution.

“Although a short-term fix was implemented, the vendor has provided a software update that is being tested to address this problem on a long-term basis,” Link said. “We are monitoring the fix nightly and plan to deploy this software update once testing is completed.”

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