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Post-hardcore band A Lot Like Birds to flock into The Basement

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Getting kicked out of a band isn’t fun, and former Dance Gavin Dance singer, Kurt Travis, would know. Luckily for Travis, he only spent five months without a band before joining in the screamo sounds of A Lot Like Birds.

After jumping from one post-hardcore, Sacremento-based band to another, Travis is finding his sound on tour with A Lot Like Birds members Michael Franzino, Michael Littlefield, Ben Wiacek, Cory Lockwood and Joe Arrington.

A Lot Like Birds is scheduled to perform at The Basement at 7 p.m. Wednesday. The band is joined by alternative bands Decoder and Just Like Vinyl.

Before joining A Lot Like Birds, Travis spent four years with Dance Gavin Dance. Travis was replaced with the band’s first singer, Jonny Craig. Five months later, he joined A Lot Like Birds, and now only a year later, the band is on a four-month tour with 74 stops around the U.S. listed on their Facebook page.

Travis, 28, said Dance Gavin Dance members kicked him out for “business reasons” and to keep up with the controversial member-swapping for which they are known. Since forming in 2005, Dance Gavin Dance has seen seven members come and go.

“It’s messed up, but I knew they would throw me out of the band, even though they told me they never would,” Travis said. “It was like a soap opera.”

Dance Gavin Dance did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Proving he’s moved on from the incident, Travis said A Lot Like Birds plan to tour with Dance Gavin Dance later this year.

Travis said his new gig with A Lot Like Birds grew from a plan to sing on one of its tracks. When he decided he wanted to join, instead of appearing on one song, the band members welcomed him.

With its sophomore album, “Conversation Piece,” A Lot Like Birds chose to focus more on the vocals than it did on its first album, “Plan B.”

Guitar player Franzino, 22, described the band’s new music as “ethereal soundscapes with spastic bursts and melodic, strange instrumentals.”

He said he hopes Columbus fans will come out to support its first tour.

“I just want people to hear the music and check out the other bands,” Franzino said. “They are all really talented.”

With Columbus as the second stop on their first tour, Franzino said the band is still finding its groove at the shows, which usually bring in about 50-100 fans.

“We just want to give it our all every night,” Franzino said.

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